Dear Amr Diab fans,

Today is a start for a new era in Amr Diab World's internet presence.

Throughout the years of's existence, we've experimented with various styles of how one can run a site for a mega star like Diab and serving his huge fans base. The keyword was always: "The Fans", and it kind of makes a lot of sense, since the fans (and their dedication) is the deciding factor for any artist's success, and accordingly, for the success of his website too.

We, the makers of this website, are nothing but some dedicated fans.

We started this website back in 2002 with a lot of dreams in our minds, and we achieved quite a lot of them, including managing Amr Diab's official website and rising the bar of how good a worldwide star's website should be. However, some things in this life do have a limited realization potential, dreaming outside this potential will just stay like that, dreaming. Running an official website for a star is an equation, it requires a great deal of attention from two parties to success, one by just itself will not do it, or at least will not do it properly and professionally.

We've came to a conclusion which is that the fans are the real makers of what ADW is today, and they deserve a better targeted place, a place that respects its own potential and the boundaries surrounding it, and sticks to what it can do best.

From today, ADW is fans-to-fans community with the widest extent to express yourself and enjoy a true home online, its not about "official" news and announcement anymore, it's now about our unlimited love for Amr Diab which translates to a big virtual world of real people who share this love together everyday, and every moment. And it's only the start!

Welcome back to Amr Diab World forums!