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Last updated on: September 24, 2005

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We run this website and permits its use according to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Using this website implies your acceptance of these conditions. If you do not fully accept them, your entry to this site will be considered unauthorized and you will have to stop using it immediately.
  2. Amr Diab World retains the right to modify these conditions whenever applicable.
  3. You shall use this site for legitimate purposes only, and refrain from sending or submitting any material through this site that may violate or infringe upon others' rights in surfing or limiting their capacity to surf the site or that involves unlawful matter or threat or slander or invading the privacy of others or their patent rights or involving obscene words or abuse of religious and holy shrines or that may be unacceptable for any other reason or may encourage criminal actions or that may involve a violation which may necessitate civil legal action or that is in violation of any law.
  4. You are not permitted to copy, or reproduce, or disseminate or broadcast the material in this site whatsoever.
  5. You are not permitted to modify, or alter, or quote the existing material in this site to create a new work.
  6. The material in this site is presented as it is without confirmation or guarantee, whether explicit or implicit, for its validity for any specific purpose, or its relevance to any other material or not violating others' rights, or its safety or correctness.
  7. You shall explicitly accept that you use this site at your own risk and remain accountable for any risks incurred accordingly. You shall also accept that Amr Diab World, or the persons who provide the material in this site and those who authorize Amr Diab World to use it or any of the above mentioned do not guarantee the continuity of the service on this site, or its being free of errors, or that any flaws would be corrected, or that this site, through which the material will be presented or the way it is presented, will be free of program viruses.
  8. Amr Diab World saves its members' records on high quality servers, database, and safety systems. You shall hereby accept the fact that some of the site's sections might use your saved personal data, and that you shall hereby accept not giving this information to any institutions or commercial or non-commercial companies without your explicit consent. You shall also agree that the site shall not be held accountable for leakage of part or all subscribers' personal information as a result of hacking attacks through the Internet. The site or any of its managers shall not be held responsible for the damage or loss of this information for any reason. You shall also agree on posting the information without charge and agree to the site's right to stop providing free offers to subscribers at any time without prior notice.
  9. Amr Diab World or any person who contributes to preparing or producing or distributing any material on this site shall not be held accountable for direct and indirect damage whether material or moral resulting from the use of this site or from inability to use it or from any error or deletion or flaw or due to incorrect information presented or from any delay or interruption of the service.
  10. All the rights in this site including the patent rights, and the information property rights and the site contents are owned by their respective mentioned owners, otherwise, they are owned by Amr Diab World.
  11. Egyptian laws over-rule these conditions, therefore Egyptian courts shall have the exclusive power to resolve any disputes that may arise.
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