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Amr Diab World, which is widely known as "ADW", is Amr Diab's official website since March 13th, 2005. It's the fans and media's most reliable source of news and information being directly connected to and updated by Amr Diab and/or his management. ADW is not just known for its popularity among Amr's fans, however a great number of celebrities visit ADW and always like to check up on their favorite singer's news and coming events. ADW has and will always be covering Amr Diab's career and live concerts, bringing a bag full of reports, photos, videos and interviews.

The site was originally created on September 28th 2002 as a fan site to gather all Amr's fans all over the world with an archive of multimedia and an active community board. Since the first day of launch, ADW proved to be the best, most reliable and largest website ever created for an Arabic star, which made it win several awards and recognition amongst local and international media.

The team behind this site consists of dedicated Amr Diab's fans from day one, devoting their time and efforts to keep all Amr Diab fans engaged and entertained with all the latest events and accessible multimedia downloads, and maintaining a very active community board.

For your convenience, you can access the site from some additional domain names in addition to the main one (


Thanks for joining us. We hope that you enjoy the site as much as we enjoyed making it and we welcome any suggestions or comments. Be sure that updates and additions will never stop!

Truly yours,
ADW's crew.

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